Договор генеральном проектировании

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The Customer and the Contractor are hereinafter also referred to as the Parties. Persuant to the Agreement, the Customer orders and the Contractor undertakes to by own or subcontracted means: The Design Works stipulated by the present Agreement shall be carried out in accord with landuse and development rules and town-planning regulations applicable for the time of Emgineering. Should the Customer delay provision of the initial documetation required by the Contractor in order to carry out the Works or any of its phases, the corresponding time periods shall be extended by the delay in performance by the Customer.

If the competent authorities by the result of corresponding consideration of the documentation designed by the Contractor demand reasonable correction of the documentation, the Contractor shall eliminate the drawbacks at its own expense and shall re-apply for approval of the documentation pursuant to the procedure set in this paragraph above.

If the Parties do not agree otherwise in written, exclusively for the purpose of this clause of the Agreement, in each case the reference to a reasonable term shall be a reference to a term, set under applicable legislation, and if such term is not defined under the said legislation, then a term not exceeding [Term].

The liabilities of the Contractor under this Agreement shall be deemed as fully discharged after obtaining of approval of by corresponding state or municipal authorities for the documentation developed by the Contractor in the course of the Works. The liabilities of the Customer under this Agreement shall be deemed as fully discharged after completion of all payments by the Customer for the Design Works made by the Contractor under the Agreement.

Terms of Design Works 2. The inception date for the Design Works works under the Agreement is the date of the Agreement. The Contractor has in entitled for extension of the term of performance of the Works if: In all other cases, when the Contractor has right to extend the term for performance of the Design Works the Contractor shall within 5 working days from occurrence of the corresponding circumstances notify the Customer about occurrence of the circumstances allowing the Contractor to demand extension of the corresponding term stating the following: In this case the Customer shall within [Term] as of the date of termination of this Agreement pay to the Contractor the price of the completed part of the Design Works in proportion determined by the corresponding notification by the Contractor and to pay to the Contractor a penalty in the amount of [Percentage] of the difference between the price of the Design Works defined in accord with this Agreement and the paid up price of the Design Works.

The Contractor has no right to suspend performance of the Design Works without prior approval by the Customer, except for the circumstances directly provided for by the effective Legislation or by this Agreement. Price and Order of Payment. The amount due by the Customer to the Contractor are deducted by: If the Agreement is terminated in compliance with the provisions of clause 2.

If the Agreement is terminated due to any reason other than the specified in clause 3. If the Customer objects to the Act presented by the Contractor the Customer shall notify the Contractor on its dissent within [Term] as from the date of receipt of the corresponding Act from the Contractor.