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Alternate exchange rate systems: A fixed презентация system is the ultimate good news bad news joke. System good is very good and the bad is very bad. At some point a fixed rate may become unsupportable and one country may devalue.

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Argentina is the most dramatic recent example. As an alternative to devaluation, the country may impose currency controls. Classical Gold Standard Bretton Woods System Present: But historically many countries have backed their currency with valuable commodities usually gold or silver —if the U. For example, if the U.

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When a balance of payments surplus led to a gold inflow Gold inflow country with surplus led to higher prices which reduced surplus Gold outflow led to lower prices and increased surplus. Interwar Period Periods of serious chaos such monetary German hyperinflation and the use of exchange rates european a way to gain trade advantage.

Britain and US adopt a kind of gold standard but tried презентация prevent the species adjustment mechanism from working. The Bretton Woods System The Bretton Woods System U. System effect, rather than european gold as a reserve asset, other countries hold US dollars which are backed by gold Slide system Collapse of Bretton Woods Collapse of Bretton Woods U.

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About 25 countries combine government intervention with market forces to set exchange rates. Pegged to another currency such as презентация U.

No national currency and simply uses another currency, such as the dollar or euro as their own..